Women's Care

The Spirit of Women®

Parrish Women’s Care
Obstetrics and gynecology care and treatment
Somewhere between the dreaming and the doing, between magic and everyday life, lies the Spirit of Women. We are the region’s only national Spirit of Women Network Hospital. That means we are part of a national coalition of hospitals that adhere to national standards of excellence in women’s health set forth by the Office of Women’s Health and Department of Health and Human Services.
• Spirit of Women Premier Status certified for excellence in gender-specific care

Your PMC Women’s Care team offers unique, gender-sensitive diagnosis and treatment approaches for every stage of a woman’s life, including comprehensive breast health, obstetric, gynecologic and mind/body/spirit care within America’s finest healing environments.

Pioneers in providing evidence-based healing environments filled with natural lighting, waterfalls, works of art, music, green spaces and amazing amenities,we understand what women want. A dynamic community advisory board of local women has been guiding our women’s care programming for years. Your Women’s Care Team is prepared to help you achieve your best health now, bringing our special brand of women’s wellness services into your neighborhoods with two beautifully appointed women’s diagnostic centers located inside the Parrish Healthcare Center at Port St.John and Parrish Medical Center. These centers are your one-stop healing environments for all your wellness needs.

Services Include

  • Breast Health Care—featuring an advanced certified Breast Health Navigator
  • Cardiovascular Care
  • Cancer Care
  • Childhood Development Services
  • Continence Restoration 
  • Gastrointestinal Care 
  • Gynecologic Care 
  • Midlife Care (Hormone Therapy) 
  • Mind/Body/Spirit Care 
  • Migraine Treatment 
  • Obstetric Care—featuring Parrish Obstetrics, a specialized team of labor and delivery physicians available 24/7 to deliver your baby in the hospital, certified lactation consultants, and certified car seat technicians 
  • Sleep Disorders